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Mobile App Development

Mobile applications are a part of every day life. Let us extend your business web applications to mobile platforms!

Mobile applications technologies play a great role on processing tasks on the go. Sometimes it is not easy to open a laptop and process waiting approvals, see sales results or submit a purchase request etc.

One of the most important points in mobile app decisions is whether the app will be a native or a cross-platform one. Maybe a native one seems better, but why? What if you want to change the platform / device you use! Or what if your employees are actually using different operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) on different devices. The only way to have a mobile app in such a situation is to purchase an app for each platform / operating system.

We offer cross-device / cross-platform mobile applications which will lower initial costs, deployment and maintenance issues. Our mobile application development projects (if demanded) are a part of our web applications which have the abilities to accomplish crucial tasks and functions on the go.


A Real Life Implementation

NovoSTAR (by Mitra) is an iPad application that had been used for visualization and analyzes of sales data. This app works with credentials and works offline as intended. Users connects to a server through the app, download their related sales data once, periodically. Then they can go offline to view, analyze their data. Also they are able to browse back data and can download and view it, too.


NovoSTAR on the App Store