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Domain, Hosting & Email

Domain registration and management, hosting and e-mail solutions for small to medium size companies! Affordable and hassle-free!

Domain registration and management, hosting, e-mail, website and DNS management can be very time consuming issues. If you don't have a dedicated technical person or department for such complex issues, you are likely to encounter problems now and then.

We are not a hosting company solely and exclusively; however, we offer these service especially to our partners with whom we work on software development and / or site building projects who asks us for hosting and related issues.

If you want to run your own site, your own blog or complicated web applications with a dedicated domain of your own; leave all those technical issues to us, sit back and relax! We are ready to built your site, develop your application, register for a domain, host it and keep it running and up!

Depending on your needs, either dedicated or shared on either Windows or Linux servers or even if you need a cloud solution, we are ready to set things up and manage them for you!


Some features are as follows:

  1. Domain registration
  2. Domain management
  3. DNS management
  4. Mailbox service (POP3 or IMAP, Office365 (Exchange), Yandex.Mail for Your Domain)
  5. Hosting for database-driven sites and web applications of any kind
  6. Back-up and maintenance
  7. Migration from other hosting accounts
  8. Web application installation (WordPress, Drupal, ASP.NET Web Applications etc.)


If you need a cloud solution, we are ready to introduce you to Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. These services offer highly scalable, high-end cloud hosting and cloud computing solutions.