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Data Visualization & Reporting

We process datum from any kind of sources (databases, XML, text files) and relate them to each other according to your needs and create readable dashboards using charts, data tables, filters.

In general, collecting datum becomes useless, if you have too many sources from different medium and you don't know how to join them together in order to use the results as a guide for your feature plans or evaluate it for ROI. To tell the truth, most of the sales, customer, logistics datum become 'junk', if you do not evaluate it in the way that you want.

Most of the tools used in business intelligence today are so expensive and so complex to run. It is not as easy as it has been offered to create and deploy reports in such complex platforms.

In fact,  there is a hidden gem installed nearly on all corporate computers which is sometimes used only as a advanced calculator: Microsoft Office Excel.

However, MS Excel can easily be used as a datum processor, at least as an interactive report viewer and business intelligence tool.

To summarize:

  • Define your data sources
  • Define your data types
  • Define the relation between them all
  • Define the reports, charts, data tables, dashboards you need
  • Send all your datum to us periodically


Together, we can prepare a simple, affordable workflow of datum traffic between you and us. You can send us your datum via email, FTP, direct database access etc. in any format. And then we will:

  • Process your data
  • Create your reports
  • Deploy them to your users


Deployment can be in medium listed below in order for you to view and analyze your results:

  • Excel files
  • Web based dashboard portal
  • A mobile application or
  • Combination of these


Please call us and don't let your datum turn out to be 'junk'!